Mavi bases its brand positioning on offering a lifestyle and becoming a part of the customers' lives through various mediums that add continuous value to the brand. Through its publications, Mavi not only shares with its customers the blue jean culture and the world it creates, but also collaborates with experts in various fields.


Makers of Today's Istanbul 2017

Published for Mavi’s 25th anniversary, with photographs by Martin Parr, this book was created as a gift to the city where the brand was born and as a token of respect for its generations of artisans of unique handmade designs.


Mavi Anthology

“Mavi Anthology” illuminates the brand’s unique history with an account of its 25-year branding story. Mavi has constantly expanded through pioneering innovations that transcended Turkey’s borders and spread to five continents. Drawing on the brand’s archives, the book highlights its first 25 years and serves as a source of inspiration to those with similar goals.


Denim by Magnum Photographers

A collaboration between Mavi and Magnum, the world’s most important photography agency, this book was one of the many projects to mark Mavi’s 25th anniversary. “Denim by Magnum Photographers/Mavi’s Tribute to Denim Culture” arose from a cooperation between two companies passionate about their work. This special project collated cult photographs in denim history from the 1950s to the present. Its 61 photographs came from the lenses of 31 world-renown photographers, including Bruce Gilden, Ferdinando Scianna, Ara Güler, Elliott Erwitt, Dennis Stock, Jim Goldberg, Josef Koudelka, Raymond Depardon and Martin Parr.



The book is an overview of Mavi’s first 20 years of branding adventure. It is designed as an album, a collection of memories with 1714 photographs featuring 5158 people from various points in time in Mavi’s first 20 years.


Parrjective-Style Hunting in Istanbul

The book “Parrjective - Style Hunting in Istanbul” (Parrjektif – Istanbul’da Stil Peşinde) reflects Istanbul through the eyes of Martin Parr as captured in photographs he took in Istanbul’s Beyoğlu, Galata, Bebek and Kandilli districts. It is a globally distributed book and has become a collector's, item through over time.


Blue Jean Place: Istanbul

With photographs by Ara Güler, this book expresses the relationship between Istanbul and blue jeans from the 1960s to the present.


10-From Istanbul to New York

A brand book about Mavi’s story and accomplishments in its first ten years.


1001 Tales of Color

This book entertainingly reviews the research, theory and understanding of color, particularly blue. It not only discusses colors per se, it also escorts the reader on a journey that includes personalities illuminated by colors, the variety of colors that swirl around us, and magnificent stories, each paving the way to another.