Mavi's Mission

—  To be a jeans-centered fashion brand that is close to our customers.

—  To create an exceptional experience for our customers wherever our brand is represented.

—  To maintain our passion for product quality and innovative design.

—  To lead in product diversity, understanding of the digital world, shopping experience, and brand communications to welcome all.

—  To embrace a people-oriented corporate culture that focuses on sustainability, ensures our employees’ trust, customers’ loyalty, and business associates’ commitment.

Mavi's Vision

To be the market-leading jeans-centered fashion brand with a focus on sustainability wherever Mavi is represented.

Brand Values


—  To ensure quality is our brands' top priority.

—  To maintain consistently high quality in all the brands' products and services.


—  To maintain close ties with our customers, stay in line with market trends, and work closely with suppliers to meet our customers’ needs promptly and fully.


—  To be a customer-driven team that provides excellent products and ensures sustainable growth and market leadership.


—  To keep our promises to our customers, business associates and employees.

—  To have a brand culture and managerial approach that values the opinions of all parties.


—  To take responsibility for the high degree of trust our brand has earned.

—  To meet the needs of the various cultures, understandings and values in the world.