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Joining Mavi means:

  • Contributing to an organization with 5,000+ members, each of which respects the other.

  • Being part of an environment where your personality and skills are appreciated, utilized effectively and receive proper compensation.

  • Sincerely embracing, sharing and pursuing the mission and responsibilities of a brand that leads its sector.

  • Acquiring the awareness of working daily to offer good things to people around the world.

  • Doing your job with passion and attaching importance to the expectations of the millions of people Mavi’s large family maintains relations with, and holding the satisfaction of every one of those people as equivalent to your own.

  • Keeping up with all business-related developments, remaining open to innovations, and sustaining professional dynamism

  • Playing a role in the brand’s influence on every sector of society and sharing in membership of a family that has been making people’s lives meaningful for 25 years

  • Proudly saying “I work at Mavi,” regarding Mavi as a second family, and making Mavi’s success vital to your personal happiness.

Consumers trust the Mavi brand. Mavi is not only a respected business partner for suppliers, it also creates a working environment that is compatible with the brand’s values. Its corporate culture encourages development, provides career opportunities, and fosters a sense of belonging. We as a brand are uncompromising of the principles and ethics at the heart of everything Mavi stands for and does.


We can’t wait to meet unique, creative thinking, productive and innovative candidates, who match Mavi’s brand spirit, denim lifestyle, and closely follow fashion and global trends.

If you want to become a part of the Mavi team, click the link below and check out the open positions. link.


Mavi’s recruitment process for its head office and store positions is based on and managed via a competency model, which comprises assessing the candidates’ fit for brand culture and role, as well as knowhow and skills. In addition to competency-based interviews and depending on the function, verbal-numerical skill tests may be conducted.


We prepare students for the future, who wish to experience the dynamism of the retail industry within a global organization.

Who can apply: University students (sophomores, juniors, seniors) with mandatory internship requirements can apply for a full-time internship in the winter or summer months, depending on the departments’ needs.

Application Process:Internships are offered for a minimum of 20 days in the summer (June to September) and winter (after September). Calls for internships are published in May and September on our website and on

Application Process: Internships are offered for a minimum of 20 days in the summer (June to September) and winter (after September). Calls for internships are published in May and September on our website and on

Internship Process: Students accepted into Mavi’s internship program go through an orientation process where they are given technical and professional training. The aim of group activities and project presentations that follow is to help them find the department that best matches their skills and uncover their potential.

Apply now to take your place in the Mavi Internship Program! link.

PART-TIME WORK / Head Office

Who can apply: University seniors are offered the opportunity to work part-time in the head office department at least two days a week in the period from September to June, depending on the availability of their class schedules.

If part-time university students wish to continue working for Mavi after graduation, they may be considered for an Assistant position depending on the departments’ needs.


Every year we meet thousands of university students through various events including company tours, case studies, interview simulations, career days and brand presentations, etc., to support their continued development.