Mavi took to the streets to discover the depths of İstanbul step by step. The chosen routes offered different experiences of Istanbul and immersed the participants in the design and sociological culture of the city in the company of those who know it well.


  • 26.09

    Street Food with Tat Dedektifi
    “Tat Dedektifi” Sinan Hamamsarılar will take participants on a tour from Taksim Square to Şişhane in pursuit of delicious street food waiting to be discovered around Beyoğlu.

  • 02.10

    Migrating Flavors with Ebru Baybara Demir and Inam Alchaib
    The Migrating Flavors tour, delivered by Ebru Baybara Demir and Inam Alchaib, and sponsored by UNHCR, will take the participants around Studio-X Istanbul, one of the biennial venues, and encourage participants to ponder over the anthropology of eating food in the Digestion School. The talk will be accompanied by a variety of flavors on a happy family table, which carries on similar and different traditions of neighboring countries.

  • 12.10

    3 Novels 1 Walk with Ahmet Ümit
    With the biennial placing Beyoğlu at its center, the 3 Novels 1 Walk tour will take participants accompanied by Ahmet Ümit through the streets of Pera (Beyoğlu) that inspired and formed the setting for the acclaimed author’s novels When Pera Trees Whisper, Beyoğlu Rhapsody and Farewell My Beautiful Motherland, as the author will tell the magical story of the district.

  • 13.10

    Istanbul’s Hans with Prof. Murat Güvenç
    The Istanbul’s Hans tour with Prof. Murat Güvenç, will visit the traditional buildings on the Historic Peninsula where production becomes one with the space and architecture defines production, and artisans perform their crafts in a community.

  • 14.10

    Bicycle Tour with Pedallıyorum
    Led by the “Pedallıyorum” team, the participants will ride along the Bosphorus, experiencing Istanbul with the cleanest method of transportation. The route, which will start in Bahçeköy and end in Emirgan Grove (Park), will also refer to Earth School, one of the six themes of the biennial that aims to reveal how much damage humans are causing on the planet.

  • 18.10

    Istanbul’s Lighthouses with Ertuğ Uçar
    On the Istanbul’s Lighthouses tour, participants will travel from Fenerbahçe Lighthouse to Ahırkapı Lighthouse taking in beautiful views of the city while Ertuğ Uçar, cofounder of Teğet Architecture, will tell the story of these two lighthouses winking at one another across the Bosphorus.

  • 24.10

    Musical Walk with Efruz Çakırkaya and Harun İzer
    Istanbul Music Festival Director Efruz Çakırkaya and Istanbul Jazz Festival Director Harun İzer will take participants on a Musical Walk, as they discuss the impact of jazz on Beyoğlu and listen to sounds of the district accompanied by classical tunes.

  • 01.11

    Makers of Today’s Istanbul with Mavi
    The tour will visit the studios and ateliers of artisans, designers and artists from different disciplines along the Seyrantepe - Maslak line, a new hub in the city, and end at Mavi’s Design Studio with a talk by the brand’s Design Director Güney Oktar.